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High-end Cookware Is Welcomed by Customers


Now, as the economy develops, the living level of people is also getting improving. As utensils for processing and holding food, pots and pans are essential cooking utensils in people's lives. Cookware is a traditional industry. After years of development, the bedding industry in the Chinese market has gradually formed a variety of products with diversified brands and high-end products. In particular, in recent years, some high-end bedding products have sprung up from the past, and to a certain extent reflect the mature and stable development of the industry.

There are many eye-catching cookware products on the market. Pan-fried dishes, soup pots, tea ware, combination pots, stainless steel pots, and smoke-free cooking pots are dazzling. Product prices are not the same, everything from tens of dollars to a few hundred dollars. It is learned that people used to buy bedding with practical benefits as the main considerations, and now more attention to product raw materials and bedding performance, changes in consumer demand prompted many manufacturers of cooking utensils to continuously develop new products, high-end cooking utensils products are becoming the new darling of the market. High-end pots are expensive, several times more expensive than traditional pots. “There are many people who recently got married. The sales of kitchen utensils are good. Like this pot, it can sell 3 or 4 a day.” According to a salesperson from a sales department, the difference in commodity prices is mainly caused by cooking utensils, manufacturing processes, and product performance. influences. “Like this stainless steel pan, ordinary products cost as little as eighty or ninety yuan, but this pan uses the most advanced thermal technology, and the three-layer steel pan bottom is the highest quality steel on the market at present. 288 yuan. A good pot is durable, high-quality raw materials, coupled with advanced technology, the price is absolutely worth the price of several hundred dollars."

Consumers frankly said: "Pan is the daily contact with food appliances, the quality of the food that frequently exploded before, now when choosing the kitchen, the brand as the first consideration."

In the past few years, in the cooker industry, a multi-functional enamel pot was set up. The pattern of pots at the bottom of the pot is very attractive. Lee, a seller of cooking utensils, revealed that the enamel saucepan is an emerging bedding product for the first two years. Due to the high cost of decals and strict technical requirements, the price is more expensive than ordinary pots. Now, with the maturity of the processing technology, the color pot is not only richer in color, but also more realistic and beautiful. The most important thing is that the price is also affordable. Young people are very favored, especially young couples who have just married, bought back to be placed as artwork.

It is understood that stainless steel pots, for example, currently on the market there are more than 200 types of stainless steel, and China has approved more than 70 kinds of tableware production. Costs can be doubled on materials alone. A good pot also has advantages in energy saving. Because of the design of the heat-conducting layer, the effect of the fire can be achieved with medium heat, which is very energy-efficient and fuel-efficient. Big brand pots are more secure in terms of product quality, quality and after-sales service.

It is reported that most of the high-end cooking utensils purchased are high-income people. Most of these consumer groups are middle-aged women aged 30 to 50. They have stable incomes and pay attention to quality of life. Therefore, these fumes are smaller and healthier than ordinary pans. Cookware products are very popular. 

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